Pork Chops and Gyoza Bento

It was a fun weekend for the Ro-Ri family. That one extra day made a lot of difference. Three day weekends are really great! Cool 2.

I found some MSG-free gyoza at the Asian market and they are yummy! Home cooked dishes include brown sauce pork chops (recipe to follow) and some vegetable stir-fry.

Ro-Taro and Ro-Jiro’s bento

Ro-Ri San’s bento with simmered kabocha squash.

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  1. Biren says

    Cookin' Canuck – Thanks! I like gyoza too :) I just posted the pork chop recipe.

    MaryMoh – Thanks! My boys really enjoy the bentos. I keep it simple but in the summertime when there are lots more fruits and veges, I make them a little more "cutesy".

    Table Talk – Thanks! My winter bentos are meatier and it gets lighter in the summer with more fruits and greens.

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