We look forward to the weekends, and Saturdays are the best! Ro-Ri’s kitchen opens shorter hours and it is Biren’s day off. It is also the day you will find Ro-Ri San in the kitchen. Saturday morning breakfast is Ro-Ri San’s specialty, and rice quesadilla was on the menu this morning. Highland blend tea and a little cube of peanut cookie completed the meal…. mm…mm…mm!

While Ro-Taro (eldest Ro-Ri son) was logged on to Facebook and Ro-Jiro (second Ro-Ri Son) was just getting out of bed, Ro-Ri San started preparing breakfast. The aroma of melted cheese wafted to the bedrooms and in no time, the Ro-Ri boys were in the kitchen…..

Rice tortilla, thinly sliced tomatoes, ham, and cheddar cheese…..

…..tortilla is being folded over…..

….and voila! Breakfast is served!