A Surprise, Fun with Friends, and an Award

What, no food? Yes, no food today. This blog post is dedicated to all you, my friends and visitors, who take the time each day to visit and to comment on my posts. Blogging, as you all know is hard work and for most of us the monetary rewards are meagre or even non-existent. We do it because we enjoy and want to do it. It gives the satisfaction of a well written post or a well taken picture. Most of all, it is the friendships formed across the miles that make it worth the while and so today let us have some fun…..

First up, I want to tell you about this wonderful surprise that met me this past weekend. I love receiving packages in the mail and I received a special one on Friday. I was out and about town and only got home after picking my boys from school. As we got in through the garage, I did not discover this brown package sitting at my front doorstep until a little later that evening. Thinking that it was one of our mail ordered stuff, I was really surprised to see that the sender was none other than the lovely Anncoo of Anncoo Journal. It was a great way to start the weekend.

Some of you may remember my recent vacation to Singapore where I had the privilege of meeting up with Ann. You can read about it in the post Taste of Singapore where Ann took me to Goodwood Park Hotel at Scotts Road for high tea. We spent a lovely afternoon together chatting, sipping tea, and eating some delectable Singaporean delicacies. She was a very gracious host and I am very glad to have met her. Prior to that, she was Anncoo of Anncoo Journal but now she is my friend, Ann. :)

Coming back to the package, I was really excited and quickly opened it. Inside were these agar-agar powder sachets and agar-agar molds. There was also a homemade card with Anncoo’s gravatar on it with a lovely message inside. The back of the card was printed with the picture of her Durian Agar Agar Mooncake which made it to Foodbuzz Top 9. I remember the post well as the picture was simply stunning!

These are the molds, 6 of them altogether. Aren’t they pretty? The round flower molds look like molds for mini mooncakes. I can’t wait to make some agar-agar dessert using the agar-agar powder and molds. Thank you Ann for thinking of me and for your surprise gift. It is very much appreciated.

My About page is finally up. Please check it out. The tab is at the top left corner of the page.

And now for our trivia. Thank you for participating in the “flower” trivia of my previous post. You all had so many great ideas for using this flower thingy. I tested out your suggestions and found them all to be valid. This is indeed a multi-purpose gadget. πŸ˜‰

Shirley, Denise, and LeQuan said that it’s a vase or flower pot. That’s flower power for you! Can’t go wrong with a vase like that.

Kitchen Flavours and Nancy suggested a cute drainer, strainer, or colander. It worked really well!

Julie thought that it might work as a hummingbird feeder. It worked well as a seed bird feeder, just not for the humming kind. Maybe I should have taped up the holes and fill it with some nectar to attract the hummingbirds as they are really fascinating to watch.

Mary thought of ice cream. I dub this the “Blooming Sundae”.

Ahhhh…you’ve gotta love this! Alisha envisioned it being used as a garden sprinkler head. Wow…I am impressed as it worked beautifully. I think those Japanese spireas loved that beauty sprinkle. I might have to fix it to my shower head tonight for that same treatment. πŸ˜€

The original intended purpose of this beautiful flower is for it to be used as a tea infuser or strainer. Anncoo, Stella, and Tanantha were absolutely right but the rest had creative validity that Ro-Ri San and I had fun experimenting with. πŸ˜‰

Thank you once again for your participation! Thanks also to all my silent visitors who take the time to come and read my posts.

Finally I would like to take this opportunity to thank Rebecka of At Home With Rebecka for sharing this lovely award with me. It is such an honor to be included in her 15 personal favorite blogs.

Here are the rules of the award:
1. Accept the award. Post it on your blog with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link.
2. Pay it forward to 15 other bloggers (and I would like to add one more).
3. Contact those blog owners and let them know they’ve been chosen.

I would like to share this honor with :

1. Anncoo at Anncoo Journal
2. Denise at Quickies on the Dinner Table
3. Mary at Keep Learning Keep Smiling
4. LeQuan at Luv to Eat
5. Julie at Mommie Cooks
6. Alisha at The Ardent Epicure
7. Christiane at Taking on Magazines One Recipe at a Time
8. Tanantha at I Just Love My Apron
9. Stella at The Witchy Kitchen
10. Jillyann at The Homegrown Gourmet
11. Patty at Patty’s food
12. Mina at Authentic Vegetarian Recipes
13. Roxan at Kitchen Meditation
14. Love2Cook at Love2Cook
15. Megan at Foodalution
16. Rumana at Spice Ur Senses

I have a special guest post on Wednesday. Be sure to visit. Thank you!

Enjoy…..and have a wonderful day! :-)

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  1. says

    Oh Biren, what a touching post, I almost in tears…hahaa…
    Can’t wait to see your creations on the agar agar jelly.
    It is so fun to read the guessing of “flower” triva ~ your blogger friends are so creative and I love those pictures really make me smile :)
    Thank you very much for the Lovely Award and especially your friendship.


    • Biren says

      Thank you for your gift, thoughts, and most of all your friendship. I have fond memories of my stay in Singapore.

      I am glad you enjoyed reading about the flower trivia. Testing it out as a garden sprinkler head was the most fun πŸ˜€

      Ann, you are most welcomed. You have a lovely blog and I do enjoy visiting your space. Your baking creations make me drool.

  2. says

    It certainly has been fun trying! Who would have known that it is a cool multi-purpose gadget that works in all, especially the sprinklers??? LOL! Great gifts from Anncoo, it will definitely keep you busy! Congratulations on the award! Cheers!

  3. says

    Hi Biren,

    Ann is definitely one of the sweetest bloggers out there. what beautiful molds those are! you’re such a lucky girl to receive those gifts. i totally remember drooling over Ann’s durian mooncakes as i love durian.

    i love that you tried out everybody’s guesses for the purpose of that beautiful flower. i guess we all won in your trivia game ;-D. now you have many uses for the flower…haahaa. it really is a beauty.

    last, but definitely not least, congratulations on your award thank you so much for passing the award to me. i visit a lot of those blogs that you mentioned and i’m honored to be included in your list with all these wonderful bloggers. thank you for starting off my week with such a bang!

    by the way, if i hadn’t received your email, i wouldn’t have known you had a new post up. my google reader seems to be quite late at picking up your posts because even right now it’s not showing your new post, wierd. hope you had a fabulous weekend, but looks like you did πŸ˜‰

    • Biren says

      Ann is sweet and I am very glad to have met her. Now, I have another friend to meet up with when I go that way again :)

      Yes, you all came up with great suggestions and hubby and I had fun “testing” each suggestion. You are most welcomed and I do enjoy going to your space.

      Thanks for letting me know. I changed my domain when I moved to WordPress. Would appreciate it if you can update your link to http://www.rotinrice.com.

  4. says

    Congrats on the award, Biren!

    Wow, love the multi-purpose flower! Mmmm….. it’ll be nice to have one of these great tools in the house :) Have a great week ahead!

  5. says

    Wow! That was so sweet of Ann! I hope you enjoy using her gift :)

    Thanks for making us all feel like winners LOL Biren – you are the soul of diplomacy. But honestly, that really is a marvellous tea strainer as it truly can be used for so many purposes. I really like your idea of attaching it to your shower head πŸ˜€

    This was a lovely post, which I enjoyed, even with no recipe! And, that is a very nice close up shot! Off to check out your about page….

    • Biren says

      Yes, it was really sweet of Ann and it came as a total surprise, a very pleasant one I might add :)

      Oh…you are most welcomed. You all gave me such good ideas and it really does work. Hubby and I had fun “testing” out your suggestions. I love this tea infuser/strainer. It’s made in Germany and comes in a myriad of colors. Hey, I think it will work really well as a shower head. Gotta find a way to attach it :)

      I am glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for the compliment and for checking out the About page.

  6. denise @ quickies on the dinner table says

    Goodness! What an idiot I am! I knew I had forgotten something! I was too eager to rush off and read your About page LOL

    Sorry Biren – I am terribly distracted at the moment! Congratulations on your well deserved award and thank you so much for including me in your list!! I am more honoured than I can say – especially when I see who else is on that list. This is such a lovely surprise on a Monday, especially this particular Monday πŸ˜‰

  7. says

    Hello Biren

    I am sorry that I have not visited your blog for the last couple of weeks. Just been so busy with my day time job!! I missed out on your trivia question!! What beautiful tea strainers. Where can I buy then from?? You have some beautiful accessories!!

    Thanks a lot for the Award. It really cheered me up!! I will display it with pride and pass it on too!!

    Take care and have a wonderful week.


  8. Haruna says

    Dear Biren,

    I tried getting in to Roti n Rice using the old link that usually re-directs to your new website. Looks like that has been disabled. Must have just happened over the weekend or so. BTW, hilarious flower job! ROFL!

  9. says

    Hi Biren,
    Congratulations on your award, your blog is lovely and a pleasure to visit. I love your flower gadget and all of it’s many uses, most of all it’s just pretty just sitting out on a surface somewhere you can see it and enjoy. I want to thank you for passing on a blogging award to me, I am honored to be included on your list of special bloggers and the feeling is mutual as I enjoy visiting your blog and experiencing all your creativity on a regular basis. I recognize many of the names on your list because they are blogs that I visit and love but I will go check out the few that I don’t know, as always thanks for sharing:) Have a great week, Patty

    • Biren says

      Thanks Patty and you are most welcomed! You have a lovely space and I enjoy visiting.

      Yes, that’s a pretty flower gadget which I do leave out sometimes on the counter. It’s made in Germany and comes in a myriad of colors.

  10. says

    First, what a wonderful and fun post…Ann is so sweet, and we are all looking forward to you creations from such a great gift :)
    Wow, a tea strainer, how lovely those would be over tea with friends.
    Congratulations to you for your award…very much deserved, and thank you so much for passing on onto me :)
    I know the majority of the other bloggers and I am so honored to be included :)
    Have a wonderful week, and I will definitely do a special post for this…Off to see your new page now!

  11. says

    Getting packages is so fun! How sweet of her to send you those goodies! And the tea strainer is so pretty! And how versatile! I love that you experimented with all of those ideas.

  12. says

    Hi Biren,

    Paying it forward is really something special. We all need encouragment in this food blogging world and meeting new foodie friends is such a blessing! I’m looking forward to visiting all of the new blogs on your list.

    The purple flower strainer is beautiful! Great photos and so much fun seeing all the different uses for the strainer..lol!

    I’ve never made or tasted durian mooncakes! They look amazing and I would like to try making them sometime!

    Hugs from me to you and your Beautiful Blog!

  13. says

    Hi Biren … came here for the first time from Mina’s blog.
    You have a lovely blog and this tea strainer is so cute. With all the friendship , gifts and ideas it is such a cute cute post.
    loved your blog.

  14. says

    Haha…what a fun post! Love that guessing game. I do love my ice cream in that :DI didn’t know there were holes at the side otherwise I probably wont say it’s good for ice cream. Well, looks like I need to eat the ice cream very fast before it melts and leaks…LOL. Awww….so sweet of Ann. She’s a great friend to have. Totally agree with you…blogging opens up to a whole world of friends. I’m really glad to know you through blogging too….another wonderful friend! Thanks very much for the lovely award. Really appreciate very much.

  15. says

    So fun to receive unexpected packages…especially from new friends met through your blog! I must’ve missed the post about the flower use ideas…adorable how you presented it. Congrats to all the award nominees :)

  16. says

    Hey Biren, I love your new culinary quiz game with the questions about kitchen tools and such. It’s fun. Oh, and not just b/c I got the answer right this time (smile)!
    Oh, and thanks so much for the award, Biren. I always feel my cheeks tingle when I get one, and I have that feeling right now;)

  17. says

    Thank you for the lovely awared Biren. I am always honored and amazed to be included in such a prestigious list of bloggers. I gets to the point that it is hard to choose just 15 to pass on to since there are so many that I read and follow and so many that have become what I like to call my “foodie friends.” I LOVE the tea infuser. However, from a strictly creative point of view…Alisha was the most inventive I think. How the heck did she think of using it for a lawn sprinkler? A fancy showerhead might work as well!

  18. says

    That’s so nice of Ann Coo!!! WOW I want some πŸ˜€
    COngrats on your well-deserve award Biren! That’s so fun reading this post and finding out how every thought of the mysterious piece. I love that you showed it worked on each creativity from bloggers. That’s so cool and yes I got it right! yay!

    Thanks so much for passing on the award to me Biren. It’s an honor!


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