Goodbye Hello

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Goodbye Hello

When the idea of Roti n Rice was first mooted four years ago, I was a newbie in cyber space. Privacy was a big concern and I needed a comfort zone to venture into the unknown. I became Biren (pronounced as “Bee Ren”), a pseudonym derived from my real name. As time went by, visitors and friends of Roti n Rice became familiar with Biren. Even personal friends would sometimes call me by that name. I grew attached to the name Biren and she became a part of me. In many ways she will always be a part of me.

Biren has had many good adventures on-line. To start with people of different nations perceived the name through the lens of their own cultures. Among the Indians, Biren is a masculine name describing a warrior (which of course I am not as I cannot even swat a fly. ;) ) Most Westerners tended to pronounce the name as Byron which unfortunately is also masculine. :( Biren as it was conceived has its roots in a pun in Fujianese and Japanese words. So I am neither a warrior nor a poet, just a foodie armed with a camera. 8-)

As this blog grew into a website with contractual dealings, the need for me to use my proper name increased. Biren has served me well all these years but now it is time to let her go. I will miss her and I am sure some of you will too.

So, this is Biren’s Goodbye Hello. Now, let’s take it from the top…..

“Hello, my name is Linda Ooi. Welcome to my blog!

Goodbye Hello

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60 Responses

  1. Michele Olson says:

    Hello, Linda Ooi! This IS a big step! I can understand why you used a nom-de-plume, however, especially with young ones in the house.

  2. Charmaine says:

    Hi Linda, lovely to meet you. Continue doing the awesome work that you’re doing with your blog. Always inspiring me to try new things. Glad we can share across the distance.

  3. Ruby says:

    Well helloooooooo Linda! Congratulations on taking this brave step. I’m glad to hear it’s because you’re doing so well. :-) Wishing you all the best babe!

  4. Azlin Bloor says:

    Hello Linda! It’s so great to know your name! It’s funny that it actually makes a difference to me!

  5. Lyndsey says:

    Oh good I don’t have to keep it quiet anymore! Heheh!

  6. Hi Linda, I’m so happy that finally I got the chance to call you Linda. Congratulations on the big step!

  7. Hello Linda!:) I am glad you took that step! Although I will for sure miss calling you Biren, I understand you completely! Keep up as always fantastic job!

  8. Hello Linda. Congratulations on the big step. Biren or Linda, you are still the same wonderful blogger friend. Marie

  9. hippomommy says:

    Yes, it’s nice to finally call and chat with you and say “Linda.” It’s a big step but I am sure it’s part of the journey. There are a lot of us supporting you on whatever path you choose.

    • Biren says:

      Yes, Hippomommy, I finally did it! Thank you so much for your friendship, advice, support, and encouragement. It means a lot to me.

  10. Rebecka says:

    Thank you for reintroducing yourself to us! It’s always scary putting yourself out there with so many unknowns but I trust you will not regret your choice to share the real you. I’ll miss calling you Biren but happy to call you Linda!

  11. Hello, Linda!

    Some people would say that putting real names out there puts greater risk on the family (especially when naming kids). But our blog is mostly for ourselves anyway, so it seems strange to call ourselves by a name that isn’t real. Glad you made the switch.

  12. Janet Dias says:

    Hi Linda I’ve been your follower for a long long time … that said, I believe a rose is still a rose by any other name !!! Keep on being our inspiration especially for amateurs like me … a big thank you to you for sharing !!!

  13. Hello Linda, I am sure we will all still enjoy Roti and Rice, love the name

    Keep up the good work. Linda

  14. Betty Ong says:

    Hi Biren… Opps! Linda! I guess I can never forget the sweet name ‘Biren’ although I am calling you Linda. Yeah, Linda Ooi sounded more like Malaysian. :) Anyway whatever it is, we still love you and your cooking/baking. Keep it up!

  15. Mel says:

    I guess we all have been so used to Biren this name. And now…hello Linda. Hope to see more of your great post of your wonderful recipes.

  16. Ramona says:

    Hello Linda!! I am also very private online when it comes to my family. I have not posted photos of them on my blog…nor their names. Someday, when they are a bit older, I may take the same courageous plunge as you. Best of luck in your new chapter. :)

  17. Haruna says:

    Cheered for Biren, now cheering for Linda! Hoo hoo! 8-)

  18. Teresa Carroll says:

    Oh good – when I saw ‘Goodbye Hello’ I was worried you were leaving us! So happy to see YOU are just getting started. :) Congrats!

  19. Susan Langford says:

    Hi Linda,
    Out with the old and in with the new! I love your recipes! Keep up the great work! :)

  20. Nasifriet says:

    Hello Linda Ooi!
    Goodbye Biren…. I shall definitely miss Biren, whom I have been following for the past years. I enjoyed reading her amazing stories, her precise geographies, her awesome photographies and most of all, her never-short-of-mouthwatering foods :-D

    Welcome Linda and I look forward to reading and following your culinary journey. I wish I have Linda’s courage to unveil “Nasifriet”… :-)

    • Linda says:

      Aww…you are so sweet! Many thanks for your past and continued support all these years. You will do the unveiling when the time is right for you. ;)

  21. Karen says:

    Hi Linda,
    I love your blog. Your recipes allow me to make good food while working around a peanut allergy of a friend.

    Thanks :-)

  22. DongXing says:

    Hello Linda, great start to 2014, very very auspicious! I shall miss calling you Biren but will still be cheering for you and all those delicious recipes.

  23. Chris says:

    Hi Linda/Biren!

    I’m sorry I missed this post before this. Congrats on taking the big step! Love your blog no matter what name you use. :D

  24. Mrs Singh says:

    Hi Linda, nice to meet you! I have been a lurker but when I saw your article above, I decided I too must COME out!!

    I have really enjoyed reading your Blog for the past 1 year, and the reason I decided to write today was because I’m making your Pomelo Salad for dinner tonight. I have made it once before and my Kiwi daughter-in-law loved it so much that she asked for it again. Being in Pomelo town-Ipoh- this is the tastiest and easiest Salad to prepare.

    Terima Kasih once again for sharing your wonderful recipes, I am 63 years of age, but still love cooking, esp new recipes!

    Love your Blog, and God Bless,bye
    Mrs Singh, Ipoh

    • Linda says:

      Nice to meet you too, Mrs. Singh. I am so glad you decided to say “hello”. :)

      I was also thinking of making that Pomelo Salad as I bought a small pomelo for CNY and have not eaten it yet. Pomelos are also grown here but they are pretty small, just slightly larger than a grapefruit and is yellow in color. They are not like the beautiful huge green ones from Ipoh.

      I stopped by your city when I visited my parents in 2012. Ate my favorite “nga choy gai” but did not have room for “yong tau foo noodles”. I also bought a bunch of “chat tai”. You can check out my post here.

      God bless you too, Mrs. Singh! Please visit again soon….Linda

  25. Robbie says:

    Hello, Linda! I also missed this post. I became worried when I saw the Goodbye! I love your recipes and blog whether you’re Biren or Linda! Wishing you continued success!

  26. mjskit says:

    Well, goodbye Biren, and Hello there beautiful Linda! I’m sure this was a hard decision because we all want our privacy, but the openness of the Internet, sure makes it hard, doesn’t it. I’m thrilled that it’s just the name change and that you’ll still planning on sharing your lovely food!

  27. Michelle Day says:

    Hello Linda! So nice to meet you :)

    I have loved your blog and FB page for a couple of years now and will continue to follow along :)


  28. PolaM says:

    Hello Linda, Nice to meet you!

  29. Mina Joshi says:

    Hello Linda.

    When we last spoke, you did give me this information. We shall miss Biren too!! I love your look and your Blog’s new look too.

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