Eurasian Chicken Stew

Eurasian Chicken Stew and Cookbook Giveaway!

If you are like me, you probably own more than a handful of cookbooks. I like to thumb through the pages to admire the pictures, read and get inspired by them. They are a joy to collect even in this digital day and age. A physical copy that I can hold, bring from place to…

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Pomelo Salad

Pomelo Salad and My Memories Suite v3 Giveaway

Pomelo is a pale green to yellow colored citrus fruit with a thick rind. It tastes like a mild grapefruit and has a very slight hint of bitterness. Pomelos come in two varieties – a sweet kind with white flesh and a slightly tangy kind with pinkish flesh. The ones we find here has a…

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Pistachio Ice Cream

Pistachio Ice Cream and Giveaway!

Today is back to school day for my two boys. It is a later start than usual this year but I do not mind it at all. In fact, I am a little sad that the relaxed schedule is over and summer is winding down. It is definitely more fun to have the boys home….

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Fusilli Chicken Salad

Fusilli Chicken Sausage Salad and Giveaway!

Several weeks back, I had agreed to review a new line of natural spice extract from Italy. The box came neatly packed with eight colorful canisters of different flavors – curry, oregano, lemon, truffle, garlic, basil, chili, and sea salt. One must say that the artwork on the individual spray is eye catching and it…

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Italian Chicken and Sausage Stew

Italian Chicken and Sausage Stew plus Giveaway!

Hi everyone! After several weeks of vacationing, I am back to immerse myself in the joys and trails of the blogosphere. I have some exciting news to share. Some weeks ago I was approached by the team – online home of the “Today Show” nutritionist and “Food Cures” author Joy Bauer on the possibility…

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Crunchy Taro Fritters

Crunchy Taro Fritters and CSN Giveaway

These savory Crunchy Taro Fritters flavored with five spiced powder and sesame seeds make a really tasty snack. Be sure to make a bunch for they go quickly.

1st Blog Anniversary Cake

Yay…1st Blog Anniversary and a Giveaway!

Roti n Rice is ONE year old today and what a ride it has been! Exactly 365 days ago today, I sat down to inaugurate this blog as a journal of my culinary efforts. In my mind’s eye I had visualized leisurely evenings recounting my latest food endeavor to a receptive community of my peers….

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Spanish Style Chicken Stew

Spanish Style Chicken Stew and CSN Giveaway

Recently I was contacted by the good people at CSN Stores to host a giveaway for my readers on this blog. I was thrilled to be given the opportunity as I have seen this being done on several other blogs. Do check out their fabulous range of dutch oven (s) with brand names like Le…

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