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Brown Rice Sushi

Brown Rice Sushi

These Brown Rice Sushi rolls with cucumber, asparagus, and crab sticks are a healthier alternative to regular white rice sushi. They are just as tasty.

Lox, Avocado, and Cucumber Rolls

Futomaki – Thick Sushi Rolls

In the last decade, sushi has successfully penetrated American food culture. It has appeared in potlucks, picnics, buffets, and all manner of social gatherings. It has also taken its place in the deli section...

Rojak - Malaysian Spicy Fruit and Vegetable Salad

Rojak – Malaysian Spicy Fruit Salad

In every language there are always some unique words that convey highly expressive notions about food and cultural nuances all at once. In the Malay language, rojak fulfills this down to a T. Blessed...

Sardine Sandwiches

Sardine Sandwiches and Nona-Nona

Just as nasi lemak bungkus is ever present in daily Malaysian life, sardine sandwiches are conspicuous at parties and functions throughout Malaysia. During my schooling years, every class party was replete with these crustless,...

Sweet and Sour Pompano Fish

Sweet and Sour Pompano Fish

It was a nondescript Sunday afternoon that promised to be routine as we quietly slip into the working week. Suddenly Ro-Ri San suggested that we visit the American Swedish Institute downtown as they are...

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Stuffed Oi Kimchi (Cucumber Kimchi)

Perhaps the most popular kimchi during the spring and summer time is the Stuffed Oi Kimchi or Oi Sobagi. Cucumbers are cooling and this kimchi is a tasty accompaniment on warm days. It also...

Spicy Sesame Salmon

Spicy Sesame Salmon

Juicy and tender Spicy Sesame Salmon cooked in clay baker with cucumber and tomatoes. The piquant sauce makes it very appetizing.