Grilled Marmite Cheese Sandwich

Grilled Marmite Cheese Sandwich

Yippee! A care package arrived for me this week from my dear, dear friend in Merry Ole England. She sends me goodies several times a year and I wait with great anticipation each time for it to arrive. Some of the goodies in this package were thick cut marmalade (my favorite), Yorkshire Gold tea, and Marmite. This friend really knows what I like. She’s a gem!

Marmite is a sticky, dark brown paste with a distinctive flavor made from yeast extract. As a child, I used to spread butter followed by a thin layer of Marmite on bread. It is really tasty. It can also be made into a drink by diluting with hot water or as a flavoring in cooked food.


My friend’s daughter loves her sandwiches spread with Marmite and topped with grated cheddar and thinly sliced cucumber. That sounded really good. I used two slices of home-made potato bread, spread butter on it, followed by Marmite and then topped with grated sharp cheddar.

Grilled Marmite Cheese Sandwich

As I needed something warm this morning, I omitted the cucumber but grilled the sandwich instead. This Grilled Marmite Cheese Sandwich was really good…..mmm…mmm…mmm! How about some Yorkshire Gold tea? Milk or sugar, anyone?

Grilled Marmite Cheese Sandwich

Grilled Marmite Cheese Sandwich
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 1 serving
  • 2 slices bread (any kind)
  • 1 tbsp butter
  • ½ tsp Marmite
  • ¼ cup (20g) shredded cheese (any kind)
  1. Spread butter on both slices of bread followed by Marmite.
  2. Sprinkle shredded cheese on the top. Toast in a toaster oven.
  3. Remove and serve immediately.

Grilled Marmite Cheese Sandwich
NOTE: This post was updated on September 13th, 2012 with new pictures. No changes were made to the recipe or write-up.

Enjoy…..and have a wonderful day! 😎


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  1. vincent says


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  2. Biren says

    Cooking Rookie – Yes, do look it up. It is an acquired taste but you may really like it as it is quite tasty.

    Angie's Recipes – Thanks Angie! Ro-Ri San has requested for me to make it tomorrow morning :)

    Vincent – Thanks for visiting and for your invitation to join your portal. I will be happy to join Petitchef.

  3. Jennie says

    Cheese and Marmite sandwiches are my FAVORITE!
    They say you either love or hate Marmite. It's an acquired taste. My American husband didn't like it at first, but now he loves it too.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Biren says

    Jennie – It's delicious, isn't it? I do agree it is an acquired taste.

    Devi Meyyappan – Thanks! Marmite has a slightly salty flavor and is good in savory sandwiches.

    MaryMoh – Yes, do try it. It's also good in rice porridge, like a soy sauce substitute.

  5. says

    Oh you’re killing me. I started South Beach yesterday and would literally kill for a sandwich of any kind, let alone grilled cheese! The Marmite on the other hand… 😉

    • Biren says

      All the best with your South Beach diet, Ruby. I am not familiar with the diet but surely you can have the occasional grilled cheese sandwich, no?

  6. Patty says

    Hi, your sandwich looks so yummy.
    I am eating a grilled cheese and Marmite sandwich right now. Except all I had on hand was Kraft Singles.

    I thought I would look for other Marmite lovers since my Marmite addiction is in it’s first stage, lol. New to it, one jar new but love the taste.

    Can you tell me if I am supposed to refrigerate it(the jar of Marmite) once opened? Our house is always 72 degrees Fahrenheit, if that helps.


  7. says

    I *love* marmite on toast, especially with cheese melted on top. For some reason it’s never occurred to me to use it in a grilled cheese sandwich. I must confess I’m partial to marmite from New Zealand. It has a slightly different taste than the British stuff (we had a blind taste test and I could pick it out!). Thanks for the recipe, I’ll definitely be trying this one out.

    • Biren says

      I would be interested to do the blind test. I grew up with Marmite (most likely the one from Britain and I wonder if I can tell them apart. I think you will enjoy the grilled Marmite Cheese sandwich. :)

  8. Hannah-lyz says

    My little girl Loves marmite! Breakfast every day is a marmite sandwich, with a crazy amount of marmite! She also loves slices of bell pepper and carrot sticks, with a little bowl of marmite to dip them in! And you can’t beat a good spoonful of marmite in gravy and pies! I rather like toast, avacado, and marmite. It’s a great combination!

    • Biren says

      Good for her! :) The bell peppers and carrot sticks with Marmite must be tasty. I used to add marmite to rice congee when I was a little kid. :)

  9. says


    I am from Singapore and I love Marmite! I am gonna try this recipe at home soon. Reminds me of a marmite & cheese toast I had once. Yum. Thanks!


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