For today’s bento I packed some of the Chinese Savory Pancakes that I made yesterday. I made a little extra so that I have enough for the bentos. These pancakes, brown rice cakes, and inari sushi taste pretty good at room temperature. As there isn’t much in the way of vegetables, I added a lot more fruits. I think that worked out quite well and everything fitted nicely into the two-tier bento box.

The top tier has the pancakes, some chicken breast meat, takuan (pickled daikon) and a little container for the sweet chili sauce. The bottom tier has a slice of pear, red and green grapes, bananas, inari sushi (made with brown rice), brown rice cake, and soy sauce.

Genmaicha (green tea with roasted brown rice) to complete the meal. Ro-Ri San gets a genmai tea bag to make his own tea at work. Happy 2