It is Fish Fry Friday and time to head west to the city of Hutchinson, Minnesota for their annual fish fry event. The Knights of Columbus couldn’t have picked a better Friday for it is a bright and beautiful day. It is getting warmer (by Minnesota standards) and daylight hours are longer. Everyone is in a good mood as it is the beginning of the weekend. I am excited about my first visit to a community fish fry and a chance to witness the inner workings of the event. Plus, it is always a nice change when someone else does the cooking…..

Driving into the setting sun, the suburbs give way to snow covered fields waiting to be plowed. In the meantime, snowmobile tracks criss-cross the open fields. We passed by many farms with their shiny modern grain silos. Couldn’t resist trying out my new camera’s scenery mode as it has been locked on food mode ever since I started using it. Had to make sure that the rest of the settings work as well. Brows

Aahhh…..a quaint red barn!

Getting closer…..

Almost there…..

Finally, we are at the County Fair Grounds for the Knights of Columbus, Hutchinson 23rd Annual Fish Fry, from 11:30am – 8:00pm (or until fish is gone). The menu is “All you can eat – Alaskan Pollock, baked potato, cole slaw, baked beans, dinner rolls, milk/coffee, and cookies. Carry out meals and deliveries available.” There is even entertainment by Mr. Wally Pikal whose claim to fame is blowing two trumpets at the same time…..pretty amazing! It was festive, to say the least!

Now, for the food. The first stop, baked potatoes from the “Potato Guy” in town. The potatoes are very evenly cooked. The foil is gold in color on the inside. I hope I’m not the only one to say I’ve not seen two tone foil until now. This guy specializes in catering for events such as these.

Followed by coleslaw, baked beans, and the fish further down the line. The next table holds the bread, butter, sour cream, tartar sauce, and drinks. This long queue is really making me hungry.

Finally, it’s time to tuck in. Fish fried to golden perfection…..the center is moist and tender while the edges are crunchy. I like it with the tartar sauce. The baked potato was evenly cooked and the coleslaw and baked beans all went well together. I had a slice of bread to mop up the gravy from the baked beans.

Time for seconds…’s “all you can eat”!

Time to check out the production line. 2,500 lbs of Alaskan Pollock to feed 2,500 people. With so many people going back for seconds, they may run out sooner…..

Fish dipped in batter. Every chapter has their own “secret” recipe.

This narrow container kitchen is a hotbed of activity with 12 deep fryers, almost all going at the same time. This will definitely keep the cold away.

Imagine working in here from 11:00am until 8:00pm. I take my hat off to these brave knights in frying armor.

It is an evening well spent. Many thanks to our gallant White Knight who pulled heavy frying duties all day and gave us a guided tour of his frying castle.

This concludes my weeklong posts on fish. I hope you enjoyed reading and will try some of the recipes.

Enjoy…..and have a wonderful day!