Chicken Rice Porridge

Chicken Rice Porridge

I am really excited to tell you today that I have been featured over at House of Annie as the October Top Commenter. Nate and Annie came up with this wonderful idea of showing appreciation to their regular visitors by featuring them each month. That’s a really cool idea! You can read about the fun little “interview” they did with me here. While you are there, please check out their fantastic collection of recipes.

Nate and Annie currently reside in Kuching, Sarawak. Sabah and Sarawak makes up East Malaysia. They are situated on the island of Borneo and are separated from the Penisular by the South China Sea. Their history, geography, and makeup are quite different from that of the Peninsular. I have visited Kuching several times and have enjoyed my stay. Another person who hails from there is Mary of Keep Learning Keep Smiling. Mary shares many stories on the culture and food of Sarawak.

Chicken Rice Porridge

Two of the most renown food items of Sarawak are the Sarawak pineapple and Sarawak pepper. Pineapples are known as nenas in Malay and the the Sarawak pineapple is minimum in size with a pale yellow flesh. It is very sweet and delicious. The Sarawak pepper is considered by many as one of the finest white peppercorns available. The berries are large, bright, and very flavorful. My package of Sarawak pepper shown below was given to me by my brother who visits East Malaysia frequently. As you can see, my supply is running out and I will surely miss it. This pepper is ground more finely than the pepper we find here in the US. It is a precious commodity here in the Ro-Ri household and we use it mainly for clear soups and rice porridge or congee.

Chicken Rice Porridge

This is a souvenir I brought home from my first visit to Kuching, Sarawak. It is a modern reproduction of the traditional ikat or woven textile made by the indigenous people of Sarawak.

Chicken Rice Porridge

Congee or rice porridge is a Chinese comfort food and can be taken any time of the day. In a rice base culture, it is often the first solid food taken by infants. As it is very easy on the tummy, porridge is also often prepared and served during convalescence from illness. Because of this some people associate it with being sick although it is a very delicious, healthy, and nutritious dish. It can be made as simple or elaborate as you like with a range of ingredients like my Minced Pork and Dried Scallop Porridge. Porridge is very easy to make and the measurements given below are just guidelines. This Chicken Rice Porridge is a very basic one I prepared for breakfast yesterday. It is so delicious and comforting sprinkled with pepper.

Chicken Rice Porridge or Congee
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 4 to 6 servings
  • 2 cups (400g) rice
  • 2 bone-in chicken breast, skin removed
  • 10 cups (2.4 liters) water, and a little more to dilute
  • 1 inch knob ginger, finely julienned
  • 3 green onions, finely sliced
  • Sesame oil
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Soy sauce
  1. In a large pot, rinse rice till water runs clear, about 3 to 4 times, drain.
  2. Add 10 cups (2.4 liters) water to the rice and set it on the stove to boil. When water comes to boil, remove lid, add chicken breasts. As soon as water comes back to a boil, add salt and pepper and reduce heat to simmer for about 30 minutes. If porridge gets too thick at any point, stir in Β½ cup (120ml) water to dilute.
  3. Remove chicken breasts from pot with thongs. Shred the chicken breasts and return shredded meat to the pot.
  4. %
  5. Add ginger and one to two teaspoons of sesame oil to the porridge. Turn off heat.
  6. Serve immediately with a sprinkling of green onions, pepper, and soy sauce. Add a few drops of sesame oil if desired.

Chicken Rice Porridge makes a really good breakfast on a cold and frosty morning. Do give it a try.

Chicken Rice Porridge

I would like to thank Kristy of My Little Spaces, Cooking-Gallery, and Alisha of The Ardent Epicure for sharing this lovely award with me. Thank you all for thinking of me.

Chicken Rice Porridge

I would also like to thank Spoon and Chopsticks for tagging me in the latest game going round the food blogs right now. I hope to get to the questions soon. :)

Before I go, just a reminder that Daylight Saving Time ends today. A good way to remember whether to move your clocks forward or backwards is to think of the seasons. In fall, just remember to “fall back” while in spring, think of “springing forward”.

Enjoy…..and have a wonderful day! 😎

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  1. says

    I love love love congee. Koreans also have a version of it that we call jook. So delicous! It truly is comfort food. My favorite part, besides the hot slurpiness, is the ginger.

  2. says

    Hi Biren,

    Congrats on your awards, always well deserved. I love congee. When both my kids we able to take in solids, I started them out with finely minced dried scallops congee. I didn’t add any salt as you know it’s not good for kids, but also cause the dried scallops had enough flavor already. The consistency of your congee is the exact way I like it, not too runny, not too gooey. My hubby’s family in Hong Kong will enjoy this with mein or long Chinese donuts. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

    • Biren says

      I did that too with my boys. Those dried scallops are so tasty. I love my porridge with those sliced “yau char kwai”. It makes the porridge even more satisfying….yumm!

  3. says

    What a fun idea to do commenter appreciation every month! How flattering that they picked you!! I love comfort foods, although I’ve never had porridge like this before. I’d be interested to try it though :)

    • Biren says

      Thanks Faith! I have had this ikat for many years and it is a nice souvenir from Sarawak. The prridge is just what we needed on a cold morning.

  4. says

    Sarawak white pepper is the absolute best in the world. Every pantry should have a supply! Perfect for jook.

    Thanks for being a good sport and participating in the “interview”. You have a great site and I’m happy to feature you!

    • Biren says

      I absolutely agree with you about it being the best. I need to replenish my supply soon.

      Thanks again for featuring me. Commenter appreciation is a really cool idea :)

  5. says

    Hi Biren :) Congrats on being featured and interviewed and your awards.

    Boy! Does this bring back childhood memories for me. It’s so true that many associate congee with illness and convalescence, so much so that most will grimace at the mention of congee, though it really can be delicious. I must admit, I am one of them πŸ˜›

    Right now though, a bowl of it would not be unwelcome…..

    • Biren says

      LOL! A lot of people in your parts do associate congee with childhood and illness. I do too but I also like it as a quick and simple meal. I appreciate it so much more in the colder months here in Minnesota. It is indeed a bowl of comfort.

      Thanks for your lovely comment on House of Annie’s site :)

  6. says

    Biren, Congrats on your award and the interviewed sounds fun and let bloggers get to know you better :)
    I love the chicken congee, looks so comforting and I also like to cook this at home quite often.

    • Biren says

      Thanks Ann! I am glad to know you enjoyed reading the interview. Thank you so much for your kind comments over at The House of Annie :)

      Chicken porridge with lots of ginger is especially good in the colder months as it is so warming and comforting.

  7. Blackswan says

    Biren, so your pc’s up & running already? Bet the worst nightmare’s over. Congrats on the cool award & it’s great knowing u.

    I love porridge, be it Cantonese or Teochew style & I like mine with lots of ginger & spring onion. Yum-yum!

    • Biren says

      Yes Shirley, my PC is up and running. So far, so good (fingers crossed). It was indeed stressful and I lost sleep over it. Have to catch up on that.

      I love Teochew porridge too with the fermented beancurd. It is nice to have porridge on very cold mornings here in Minnesota.

  8. says

    Congratulations Biren! Your awards are very well deserved:) I think your soup looks like one of the best bowls of ‘comfort food’ that I’ve ever seen. Your description and photos of adding ginger and sesame oil to the porridge followed by the shredded chicken are wonderful:)

  9. says

    Hi Biren, glad that your computer is doing better (all good thoughts)…What a lovely dish and I am glad to see it would do well with shrimp or veggies, a definitely must try :)
    Congratulations on all of your awards-all very well deserved!
    I am excited to stop over and see your interview too :)
    Big hugs!

    • Biren says

      Alisha, thank you for your kind words here and also over at House of Annie. You are always so sweet my friend. Many, many hugs to you.

  10. says

    Congrats for the award! And indeed, congee is comfort food for me, esp now. Oh, and I like Sarawak pepper – it has more spice and punch compared to other ground pepper but I like it :)

  11. says

    You had me at congee….sigh…I love congee in ways that can only a be past life love affair so this post is calling out to me in ways you can’t even begin to imagine :)

    Yours is wondnerful and would be perfect for the cold days.

    Ciao, Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

  12. says

    Hello! I’m a big Nate and Annie fan and now I’m a fan of Roti n Rice also! Growing up with my Chinese family in Hawaii, we called rice porridge “jook.” Then I moved to Seattle as an adult and no one knew what I was talking about when I asked for that, until I realized that most of the menus here referred to it as “congee.” It’s a great comfort food for me.

    I do notice that your recipe didn’t take much time at all. I remember my mom simmering her porridge for a much longer time (perhaps an hour or two?). What type of white rice do you use? My mom always had calrose rice on hand (the most popular type sold in Hawaii) but I have mostly jasmine in my house.

    Thanks for a lovely post! I could use some jook right now!

    • Biren says

      Hi Jenny! So nice to “meet” you. Thanks for stopping by and thanks also for your kind comment. Congee is indeed a comfort food and is perfect for this time of the year with the dropping temps. I made this porridge using jasmine rice but sometimes I do use calrose. This is a quick version that I make for breakfast. Hence, the rice grains are still visible. Some people like their jook really smooth and that will definitely require more simmering time. My mom also simmers hers for a longer period of time.

  13. Haruna says

    Love congee, both the “plain” style with pickles added or the “jook” style with the meat boiled in it. Even great to have the plain one with grounded salted fish added in as a condiment. πŸ˜€

  14. says

    Hi! Congrats for being the top commenter at HoA! Love your blog. Cool! And thanks for putting Kuching, Sarawak on the map :-) That’s where I grew up, went to school, and all that jazz… The multicoloured cloth you have there on the chair is called the “Pua Kumbu” used by the Ibans, which is the largest indegenous group of ppl in Sarawak.

    Oh BTW, I love your chicken congee. Drooling….

  15. says

    Oooh…love this. It’s soooooo cold here I really need something hot like your porridge. I don’t mind to eat that everyday!! Thanks very much for the mention, Biren. Love that woven textile…very popular in Sarawak. Yes, the pepper powder is very popular, too. Congrats that you are top commentator and for receiving the awards. You deserve it! Keep Blogging Keep Smiling! πŸ˜€


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